I absolutely love thinking about intuitive tools & efficient workflows.

I think using the right tool matters a lot. I hate seeing hours of work wasted because of clunky workflows, or worse, seeing people blame themselves for not understanding unnecessary complexity.

This is strongly tied to my love of education: I want to create tools to help people understand better and create more easily.

Atomic Tracer

It's "atomic" in the sense that it's an Atom plugin.

It's an educational tool for tracing the value of variables inline!

If a line has been executed multiple times, it shows you a list of values:

It's designed to be language agnostic, but currently only supports Python. I think there are better debugging tools out there, but this can save students learning to code hours of frustrations early on.

I welcome any contributions!


Pronounced eye-reen-a, as in, A.I arena.

This is technically won CarlHacks as a game, but I see it more as an educational tool.

It's a multiplayer space shooter:

Where you can code up an AI in real time, mid-game:

As a prototype, it falls short of its vision. I wanted Airena to become two things:

The reason I cared about the second goal is because it's too easy to look at great works and forget that they emerged out of a messy process of creating, editing and revising. I wanted to allow people to watch great programmer writing code, messing up, and revising it as the game went on.

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