Omar Shehata


I've published over a dozen flash games, won various game jams, and made one desktop game.

I primarily do programming & game design. I'm always open for collaborations!

Most of my games are on Newgrounds and

Move or Die

Move or Die is a fast paced party game. It's my most commercially successful project.

It started out as a flash game in 2011 called Concerned Joe. Following in the footsteps of many great flash games, we decided to recreate it as a desktop title.

In 2013 we showcased the game at GDC. That was my first time in the US, and I was barely old enough to even legally present, but we got featured in the documentary about international game developers, GameLoading.

As the sole programmer on this game for 3 years, I was responsible for building the engine (on top of LÖVE), creating efficient rendering & lighting, an animation system, a very flexible editor, modding system, and everything else.

I loved how extensible the modding system was in our engine, that I quipped we could probably create a whole 'nother game inside this game! I prototyped a little multiplayer minigame to test this out. One player started with a bomb and had to touch another player to stick it to them. It was surprisingly fun, and that ended up being the first minigame of Move or Die.

I left the project in late 2014 to start college in the US, so I wasn't responsible for the networking code or anything beyond that.

Death's Clutch

A first person DOOM-inspired horror game. You navigate a dark maze with a flash light that attracts monsters.

Made with PlayCanvas in 10 days for the July 2021 Newgrounds Game jam. I wrote a behind the scenes article about how I implemented the stylized lighting.

Hikari's Station (web port)

Make new friends on the train ride home across Tokyo. Take selfies to rack up points while trying (not) to annoy your cute fellow passengers. Reflect on the charming but fleeting faces around us.

This game was originally made in Game Maker and I recreated it using Phaser for Pixel Day 2019. What I love most about this game is that there's no way to rush through it.

Canine Cravings

A two player co-op/competitive game. Each player controls one head — both controlling the body. Players can choose to cooperate or try to sabotage each other.

Made for the 2017 "A Game By Its Cover" game jam. It was displayed on an arcade machine at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia as part of a local game developers exhibit.

An Apple a Day

An arcade game where you fight off waves of health professionals with apples that ricochet. Try to hit two doctors with one apple while avoiding getting hit yourself.

Made for Ludum Dare 32 in 48 hours. It was fun to explore a weapon mechanic that can damage you if you're not careful.

Game jams

I wrote a reflection on the making of Ice Boy here and what it took to win that game jam.