Omar Shehata

📻 My new radio

From Omar's notebook.

I recently bought this cute little Sangean radio that's been bringing me a lot of joy. I've been carrying it with me everywhere I go in my house.

I'd really like to show it to you.

I love that it fits perfectly snug in every nook

On top of the desk,
or pushed in this little inset

I take it with me in the hallway at the top of the staircase, and on the closet that used to be an attic while I fold the laundry.

It feels like it was made to fit just right on the little ledge in the bathroom.

I take it to bed, too

I fall asleep to it. I like that I can turn it off with my eyes closed, by reaching out and feeling the little dial

There's something very different about listening to live radio vs podcasts.

🧠 I don't choose what to listen to; I'm forced to open up to new ideas & genres.

📡 It's physically being broadcast from somewhere locally; it feels tangible.

🤝 It's communal; I know many others are listening to the same thing, at the same time.

It is so tangible that it actually interacts with my body! The radio feels my presence; the signal improves when I hover my hand next to it.

(this is happening because, apparently, a human body can be used as an antenna!)

And of course, it's by my side while I work