Omar Shehata

🎁 Rosano's Gift

From Omar's notebook.

Rosano came to stay with me here in Ithaca a few months ago. It was a lovely time. He left me a wonderful gift that I never thanked him for, one that has been bringing me joy ever since.

I lent him my coat for a day and when I came home, found it like this:

I was shocked! I didn't recognize it at first. I almost called him up and said, "hey you left a coat here!"

That's because I usually hang up my coat like this:

I can think of several reasons why Rosano's way is better:

I think it blew my mind because this was something I didn't even know was bothering me. As soon as I was exposed to a better way, it felt like a tiny but meaningful quality of life improvement, that I felt every single time

I grabbed my coat, every day. It made me wonder, are there any other small tweaks I can make to my surroundings to bring me a little more joy?

It also blew my mind because, y'know, I've been wearing coats my entire life. And every single one of them has this feature?? A sturdy piece of thread designed for one single purpose: for a more pleasant way to hang your coat. It's like I found a little life easter egg!

Dear reader, it is now your turn. You may tap on the coats below to hang them up in Rosano's way, if you wish.