Below is a list of principles I use for guiding my life. I've always thought it was super important to have a list like this and to constantly revise and reflect on it. Something to use when making decisions, big or small.

It's a very personal thing, and you might be wondering why I'm publishing this. I am mostly writing it for myself, but I also love reading about how other people live their lives. I think exposing the process is incredibly valuable. My hope is that this will inspire others to compile and share their own life lessons.

How cool would it be to be able to get to know someone so intimately: to know what drives them and what makes them who they are, even if you've never met?

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Life isn't black and white, but sometimes it is. When you know what the right thing is, do it (even if you don't feel like it). No excuses. You'll feel much better later.

    You know it's the right thing to do the work you committed to doing rather than procrastinating. You know it's the right thing to get out of bed when you wake up and start your day.

  • Accept That You Can Only Have One Fig
  • During times when I've felt particularly overwhelmed with choices, I've found the parable about the fig tree to be a savior. It's easy to feel paralyzed because you have so many ideas and ambitions, and you're worried that comitting to one thing means you miss out on all the other things, and that makes it incredibly hard to make any choice.

    What you must resist is the temptation to try doing everything. I've found it to be much much easier to resolve this when you start by accepting that you only have enough time and resources to do one thing really well. Choosing to do everything is effectively the same as choosing nothing.

    This means your choice of something isn't giving up everything else. It's giving up nothing to do something. Reframing it this way takes the pressure off the decision and allows you to move forward and make progress.

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