Omar Shehata

Hey there! This is my (super work-in-progress) portfolio. I make games, build web apps and have an amazing talent for somehow always cramming computer science into any conversation!

Who am I?

A writer - of words and code

Currently a student at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Originally from Egypt. I've been making games for over 7 years. I'm super passionate about building tools or crafting experiences that make life a little better. I enjoy teaching, and am usually far more eloquent on paper.

What do I do?

Things I've done

Innovative Games

I love making games that can engage or inspire. I also love experimenting! I've published over 12 web (mostly flash) games and 1 desktop game.

Web Apps/Tools

I've been making apps and tools with Django internally for St. Olaf professors and faculty as part of the HiPerCiC initiative.


I absolutely love to teach code! I've written articles and tutorials as well as given various workshops at schools and hackathons. I also write for the student newspaper and ocassionally about random things on Medium.

Other Stuff

I just love volunteering and helping out in any way I can.

  • I go to the monthly Nothfield CoderDojo to teach kids programming
  • I've given various talks on game design around Egypt
  • I spoke at a TEDx event that one time
  • Ran CodeDay in Kansas City in 2014 with over 100 participants

Let's Get In Touch!

Got a really cool idea to pitch? Want to ask a question or work together? Shoot me an email!