Omar Shehata


I love writing technical tutorials about graphics, games & the web. I'm always available for a pitch!

You can find most of my technical tutorials on Tuts+ and other writing on my Medium account.

I maintain this page to collect articles I've published elsewhere and to point out some highlights.

Technical Articles

The Case of the Corrupted MIDI File

Or Binary data in the browser: Untangling an encoding mess with JavaScript Typed Arrays.

This was a guest post written for LogRocket. It's a fun retelling of an encoding bug.

A Beginner's Guide to Graphics Shaders

Definitely one of my most popular tutorials. It was written in 2015 and has since been translated to 5 languages and remains a useful reference.

I'm pretty sure it's the first result on Google for "graphics shader tutorial".

Real Time Multiplayer with PlayCanvas

I rewrote this tutorial for PlayCanvas (as an open source contribution) to make it more accessible and easier to follow.


7 Second Surveys

A hobby project to connect people through the mundane minutiae of our lives.

Alexandria's Armless Calligrapher

Guest news article about a story I found incredibly inspiring.

How Ice Boy Taught me to Value Work Ethic over Skill

A reflective piece on what it takes to win a game jam.